What are the benefits of belonging to VASA Monitor Lodge #218

in Sacramento, California?

What is “MEMBERSHIP”?    Membership is often defined as “the state of belonging to a group or organization for reasons of happiness.”   This may be interpreted in many ways and in the Vasa Order of America lodges we like to think that persons belong for their enjoyment.  One joins because of the camaraderie of persons having the same interests, same heritage and desire to learn.  This is certainly the philosophy of the members of Monitor Lodge and the principal reason why people have joined.

However, there are additional benefits of membership in VASA, many listed below:

Financial assistance for education:

  1. At the local lodge level, Monitor Lodge, like many lodges, offers an additional opportunity for scholarships.
  2. At the district level Golden Gate District #12 provides its own scholarship program.
  3. At the Grand Lodge (national) level, the members of the Vasa Order of America are very proud to be able to offer assistance in the form of scholarships and student loan services to qualified students in quest of continued education.  THE EDUCATIONAL FUND provides annual Vasa Scholarships to worthy students, enrolled or accepted for enrollment, in accredited institutions for higher learning.  In addition, THE EDUCATIONAL FUND provides monetary support to the cultural committee for promotion of Scandinavian culture, Children's and Youth Clubs for understanding their Scandinavian heritage and enhancing cultural work, Vasa Youth camp activities in Sweden, to applicants for Swedish Language Village participation across the United States as well as non-interest bearing loans to Vasa members in need of financial assistance to complete their education.

Small groups for focused activities (all open to entire membership):

  1. Nål och Tråd
  2. Children's Club
  3. Scandinavian Festival

Genealogical archives:

  1. The Grand Lodge maintains a national archival operation at Bishop Hill, Illinois which includes providing members with access to genealogical information contained a myriad of membership records, newsletters and periodicals, minutes of lodge activities, donated special collections and the like.


Last update:  11/14/2018

  • Please join us for


    Friday, June 7, 2019

    Monitor Lodge 218 at IooF Hall
    1831 Howe Ave, Sacramento, CA 95825

    5:30 pm  -  Social hour

    6:30 pm  - Midsommar Smörgåsbord

    $5 per person (members, family and guests - children 12 and under free) and bring a dish (see listing on reverse)

    7:00 pm  -  Short business meeting

    7:30 pm  -  Midsommar festivities

    Legos will be available for the kids and the young at heart

     Wear your costume if you have one.

    We will be using our telephone tree to get a head count but please call or text Meribeth Bean at cell (916) 995-4965 or

    Chuck Johnson at cell (916) 501-9256 if you don’t get a call and you plan to attend.  Email also OK (chuckj50@surewest.net)

    tack så mycket!

    Monitor’s June gathering promises to be a Swedish delight! We’re going to celebrate Midsommar with good food, music, and dance. If you have a Swedish costume, this would be the perfect time to show it off for all to see. No authentic costume? Then put on your favorite Swedish (or Scandinavian) T-shirt to get in the mood for midsommar! Have some flowers in the garden? How about making a flower wreath for your hair?  Let’s enjoy this very special Swedish holiday with all our friends and kick off “Sommar 2019!

    We will have the Midsommar majstång (maypole) set up right in the middle of the hall. Traditionally it is decorated with fresh green foliage—birch twigs are especially popular in Sweden—and with lots of flowers. If you can, try to come early—let’s say 5:00—with some greenery and flowers to help decorate our majstång.

    At the end of the evening we will have dancing and some lessons led by our very own dance master, Barry Moore.

    Potluck Smörgåsbord

    Yes, this is a potluck dinner with a Swedish twist for midsommar!

    The bar will be open at 5:30 for our social hour and during that time we will be setting out the dishes you bring for our potluck smörgåsbord.

    Please bring enough food to serve 4-5 people. Please have your dish ready to serve so we just have to put it out on the appropriate table. Put your name on your plate or bowl so you get your dishes back at the end of the evening.

    You never know exactly what to expect for a potluck, but we’re hoping to get a good variety of Swedish foods. We’ve assigned members to bring food based on names/alphabet.  Please look at the next page to see what table you’re assigned to.   

    Please contact Linnea Koze (kitchen coordinator) at (503) 807-8112 or Chuck Johnson (916) 501-9256 if you have any questions.

    Table 1  (Members from Don & Joyce Johnson to James & Melissa Netzel)

    Traditionally the smörgåsbord begins with herring of all kinds: Dream Herring, Mustard Herring, Currant, Herring, Onion Herring, Island Herring, Lemon Herring, Elderflower Herring, Archipelago Herring, Lingonberry Herring. The variety of different kinds of pickled herring is a never-ending story! Maybe you can create a herring variation of your own by starting with a jar of pickled herring. You could also bring some salmon such as smoked salmon or gravlax.  Shrimp is also served with this first course. This is the table where we could use some deviled eggs, some fresh boiled new potatoes with dill, and some cheese. If you can bake, we’d love to have some fresh homemade limpa for this table too!

    Table 2  (Members from Donna Niemoller to Larry Wood)

    Think COLD food. This table will focus on cold cuts such as various sausages, sliced ham, cold roast beef, and different pates. Various salads and cold side dishes are served with this course also such as pickled cucumbers, potato salad, cabbage salad, pickled beets, jellied veal, chicken salad, fresh green salad, pickles and olives.


    Table 3  (Members from Theresa Alberts to Violet DeBord)

    Focus on HOT food for this table. We will have a strip outlet available if you want to bring your dish in a crockpot to keep it warm. You could also put your serving dish in the oven for a short time to keep it warm before serving.

    Think about bringing some Swedish meat balls for this table or some warm sausages like the little prinskorv. Spareribs are popular on this table for midsommar. Hot side dishes are needed here too like cabbage rolls, brown beans, red cabbage, boiled new potatoes with dill, and a Jansson’s Temptation.

    Table 4  (Members from Mark Delle to Chuck Johnson)

    DESSERTS! We’d love to have some homemade baked goods for this table—some cookies or maybe a light cake. This is the spot for a mixed fruit salad. And STRAWBERRIES! Midsommar would not be midsommar without strawberries—served alone with a little sugar and whipped cream—or with ice cream, on top of a meringue, or in the form of jordgubbstårta (Swedish version of strawberry shortcake). Please don’t forget to bring the strawberries!

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